OPITO Combined BOSIET with CA-EBS & EBS + MIST (5 Days Initial)

£795.00 plus VAT

This comprehensive package covers the mandatory safety training requirements (Combined BOSIET & MIST) for the offshore workforce. The following courses can be added to this package; Norwegian Escape Chute, OGUK medical and Shoulder Width Measurement.



  • Norwegian Escape Chute (£75.00 plus VAT)
  • Shoulder Width Measurement (£32.50 plus VAT)
  • OGUK Medical (BOSIET) (£110.00 plus VAT)
  • Alcohol Test (BOSIET) (£40.00 plus VAT)
  • Drug Test (6 Part) (BOSIET) (£50.00 plus VAT)
  • Drug Test (10 Part) (BOSIET) (£50.00 plus VAT)
  • Fit To Train Assessment (For In Water CA-EBS) (BOSIET) (£75.00 plus VAT)

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