OPITO Offshore Safety Representatives Training

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  • 4.0 days
  • Crisis Management


Offshore Safety Representatives Training provides an understanding of the role and responsibilities of an offshore safety representative.

Delegates will gain the minimum level of training required for safety representatives as defined in the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations – SI 1989/971.


Delegates completing this training course will be able to;

  • Extract relevant information from a safety case
  • Access relevant legislative safety information and web research
  • Prepare for regulatory inspections
  • Understand the principles of hazard identification and preparing a risk assessment
  • Review a case study in which human factors are the casual factor in a major incident
  • Analyse the effectiveness of a task-based risk assessment in relation to a major accident hazard
  • Demonstrate effective interviewing skills and techniques
  • Negotiate and collaborate effectively
  • Carry out an accident/incident investigation and safety inspection using effective note taking and recording methods
  • Deal with a range of constituents complains and potential actions
  • Challenge risk assumptions and identify where expert advice is required
  • Deliver a formal presentation
  • Prepare an agenda for a constituency meeting
  • Organise and effectively participate in safety meetings
  • Develop an action plan to demonstrate personal commitment to the safety representative role

Target Audience

Elected safety representatives.


There are no formal prerequisites for this training course.


OPITO-approved certificate.


There is no expiry for this certificate.


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