OPITO Rigger Competence Assessment (Previously Stage 3)

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  • 1.0 day
  • Lifting Operations


The course will: require candidates to complete a series of practical exercises to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding of rigging and lifting operations.

Rigging and Lifting Handbook
The RigEx Rigging and Lifting Handbook is a pocked-sizes book available to provide essential information throughout your training and in your job roles.
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By the end of the assessment the delegate will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Identify potential hazards associated with the lifting operation and implement control measures
  • Plan the route for lifting and moving the load to minimise any risk to personnel and surroundings
  • Communicate, discuss and ensure understanding of the prepared lifting plan and risk assessment
  • Obtain the resources identified in the lifting plan required to move the load, following rigging loft procedures
  • Carry out pre-use inspection of lifting equipment and lifting accessories
  • Attach the lifting accessories to the load using industry best practice
  • Install and position the lifting equipment for balanced weight distribution

The candidate must be able to demonstrate that they know and understand:

  • The employer’s responsibilities under Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • The hazards associated with a lifting operation and the purpose of a risk assessment and lifting plan
  • The relevant roles of personnel involved in lifting operations, and typical reporting lines
  • Load movement route planning methods and areas near the load where it is unsafe to stand
  • Rigging principles, SWL, WLL and angles of lift and considerations to ensure load stability, security and weight distribution

Target Audience

Personnel who wish to become OPITO certified competent riggers - having successfully completed the OPITO Stages 1 & 2 Rigger Training and Workplace Experience, or possess sufficient and relevant work experience to be eligible for the OPITO Stage 3 assessment.


Option 1

  • A valid OPITO-approved Rigger Initial Training Certificate awarded within the previous 32 months.


  • A fully completed and valid OPITO Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook and supporting evidence for each of the 50 tasks*, based on the OPITO Rigger Initial Training Standard and Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook requirements. The logbook must be signed as true and valid by the employing company head of discipline or the employing company discipline manager and confirmed by the Centre as being present and correct prior to assessment taking place.

*Supporting evidence is not required for learners who completed the Initial Training Standard (previously Stage 1) between February 29th, 2020, and February 28th, 2022. 


  • If a learner completed the Initial Training Standard (previously Stage 1) between February 29th, 2020, and February 28th, 2022 and does not have a completed Workplace Experience Logbook, a formal letter from a current employer, meeting the below criteria, may be accepted.

The letter must:

  • Be on company letterhead
  • State that the learner has met the equivalent of the OPITO (previously Stage 2) Workplace Experience Logbook criteria
  • Include details of the senior employer representative’s position in the company, full contact details, and be signed and dated by the senior employer’s representative 
  • Be sent directly from the employer to the Centre prior to assessment and not provided by the Learner

Option 2

  • Learners must possess an OPITO Approved Rigger Competence Assessment or Re-Assessment Certificate awarded with the previous 30 months.

Option 3

  • Evidence that they have been assessed as competent and have achieved an equivalent qualification/certification by a nationally recognised awarding body, awarded within the previous 30 months. 

Please note that after two years the certificate would no longer be valid. Learners who possess an OPITO Rigger Assessment or Re-Assessment Certificate which has expired by more than 6 months will be required to attend the OPITO Rigger Initial Training prior to undertaking the Rigger Competence Assessment. In these instances, there will be no requirement to complete a Work Experience Logbook. 

*Previously supporting evidence only required for 10 tasks 


An OPITO Approved Rigger Competence (Stage 3) Assessment certificate will be issued upon successful course completion.


The course must be revalidated every 2 years.

Delegates should bring

  • Government Issued Photographic ID eg Driver Licence or Passport
  • £1.00 coin for locker
  • Copy of existing qualification
  • Safety Glasses or Goggles if prescribed


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