Qualified Crane Operator (in accordance with API RP2D)

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  • 3.0 days
  • Lifting Operations


The course will: equip delegates with the necessary skills to become a qualified crane operator in accordance with API RP 2D requirements. Delegates will be shown the range of equipment used for crane operations, the appropriate inspection (pre and post use), plan / asses the requirements of the crane operation and the correct methods of communication to those involved in lifting operations. This course consists of theoretical and practical sessions where delegates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the training program content.


By the end of this training programme delegates will be:

  • Aware of the Regulations and Authorities which offer guidance towards crane operations
  • Aware of the range of procedures and precautions that must be considered during planning and the implementation of such plans
  • Aware of the range of cranes available across the industry
  • Aware of the range of major crane components and their operating and maintenance procedures
  • Aware of the basic crane terminology, definitions and lifting principles
  • Aware of the need for clear and concise communication, via radio and/or hand signals
  • Able to complete a variety of lifting scenarios in accordance with the procedures and precautions in place
  • Aware of the correct use of a range of rigging equipment

  • Aware of load rating charts and the importance this has on safety
  • Able to communicate with radio and hand signaling techniques
  • Able to complete pre use inspections to a range of rigging equipment and to the specific crane type
  • Able to complete a range of crane lifts including, static, dynamic and blind
  • Able to restore the work area and be aware of post-operational requirements.

Target Audience

Personnel involved required to gain certification as a qualified Crane Operator in accordance with API RP 2D.


Delegates must have completed an API RP2D Rigger training course prior to attending this course.


An API-U certificate will be issued on completion of this course.


It is required that crane operator qualifications are maintained, at a minimum every four (4) years, through appropriate refresher training

Delegates should bring

  • £1.00 coin for locker
  • Any PPE including safety goggles, hard hats, visors etc other than RPE
  • Copy of existing qualification
  • Government Issued Photographic ID eg Driver Licence or Passport
  • Safety Glasses or Goggles if prescribed


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